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Nov 20, 2017

Any Recommende POle Dance Courses?


Hey, I wonder if someone could perhaps help me out or give some advice...I’m thinking of subscribing to an online pole dancing class, I heard it is great for fitness and fun too. Problem is, I don’t know much about it though I keep reading reviews about it but can’t make up my mind as to which course or lessons to go with. Or does it not matter and they are all kind of the same? I would like to get an opinion on this. I have read a review on http://justlearntodance.com/learn-how-to-pole-dance which covers some recommended courses. Which one would you say is the best to start out with, I don’t have the type of budget to sign up to all of them and I am no expert. I would love to hear your reply and your recommendation. Kind regards.

Feb 12, 2018Edited: Feb 12, 2018

Hey, having so much information around can get overwhelming indeed. I suppose you are referring only to online courses. If so, it is trial and error unless someone left and opinion or a review in internet. I guess the best way to go about it is to check youtube for that course promo to get a glimpse if you like the way things are explained.


If you think that explanation and breakdown of the elements suit you, a beginner course would be an option. Otherwise, there are milions guildes and videos for free on Youtube and Twitch. To make an easier search you can use the following sources as a "To-do list" or a "Guide list":




Hope you'll find the best option for youself.


P.S. If you are planning on getting a pole and training at home, I strongly suggest to make sure that the area and ceilings are suitable for this and for most difficult moves ask for assistance (spotting) to avoid injuries. If from time to time you could get into actual pole dance class, it would be beneficial as an instructor can correct mistakes people make when training alone.

Apr 2, 2018

I found a few online courses and only one really caught my attention. It's always a good idea to check more than one review site and see what comes up the most . I've found there is a lot of good info out there if you spend time to looking. This site https://classesforpoledancing.com/ has some good info.

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