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Book Online

To book a class, please, choose a service below. 

If you would like to book a class, just choose "Book a Single Session  (15 EUR)". This option is meant for class card, discount and gift card holders, as well as cash payments on the spot. No payment is taken during the booking process (the price is just for display purposes).


If you would like to book a class and use online payments, then click "Buy a pricing plan". Bank cards and PayPal are available for this option.


How to Book a class: 


To book a class with us, please, follow the steps below:

    > Press "Book" button

    > In the calendar choose a date and time when you would like to attend a class and click "Next"

    > Fill in the fields with your name, email and (optional) telephone number, comments and number of participants.

    > Press "Submit".

    All done! You will get a notification email with your booking details and a reminder email 24 hours prior the class.

How to Cancel or Reschedule your class:

To reschedule or cancel a class with us un to 2 hours before the scheduled session, please, follow the steps below:

    > Make sure that you are logged in on this website

    > Go to Book Online page and press on your name “Hello *****” in the top right corner (in white) just above the “Book” Button.

    > In Appointments press on the class name and extra buttons will appear just under the “Book Again” button.

    > Choose a Trash Bin symbol to cancel the booking or a Clock symbol for rescheduling.


    Please, feel free to download a copy of the class syllabus My Pole Fitness Diary and a short guide My First Pole Fitness Class if you are getting ready for your trial session. :)

    * No registration required on our website to book a class. However, you can register with email, Facebook or Google accounts. 

    * Registration is required to manage your bookings, for example, to cancel or reschedule them.

    * It is possible to change your details such as your name, email and telephone number in your profile in My Info section  by clicking on your name “Hello *****” in the top right corner (in white) just above the “Book” Button. 

    * If the class is full, it won't allow additional bookings. In this case there is an option to send us a message and we will put the name on the waiting list (will notify asap if a spot becomes available).

   * In case there is a need to cancel or reschedule your booking and it is not possible to do so via your profile, a message to us would be highly appreciated. Thank you for understanding. :)

    * If a class is cancelled by us, you will automatically get a notification email. 

    *  If you would like to remove your profile from this website, please, send us a message and we will fully delete all details.