You will find articles, music, information on different topics that one or another way would be interesting to a belly dancer.



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* Music file ->  Click on the song title and follow the Dropbox link, press "Download"


* To play a tune just click "Play" button.



MUSIC: Madonna - Habibi Tal Alyea


Upbeat modern bellydance song (cut version for our classes), goes very well with practising turns, "football" move, any moves with even beats.




Habibi Tal Alyea - Madonna
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MUSIC: Alabina - Habibi de mis amores


Upbeat modern bellydance song that is one of the signature ones in tte Western world for Bellydance. Hardly any bellydancer  beginner has never heard it. =)

Habibi de mis amores - Alabina
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